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Sinloc MC

Credit Brokerage for the development of territories

SINLOC MC is the credit brokerage company of the Sinloc Group, registered at no. M419 of the List of Credit Brokers kept by the OAM (Organismo degli Agenti in Attività Finanziaria e dei Mediatori Creditizi – Body of Financial Agents and Credit brokers).

Our credit brokerage services are addressed to the world of public and private enterprises and are promoted by a highly specialized internal team with well-established experience in the world of finance, as well as by a commercial network operating in different territories, consisting of highly skilled professionals with multiannual experience in the credit sector.

SINLOC MC has among its objectives that ofcontributing to the realization of environmentally sustainable projects, promoting energy transition and green economy.

The Parent Company Sinloc SpA, founded at the end of the 90’s, is a consulting and investment company which operates across the whole national territory. Sinloc promotes local development through consultancy and feasibility studies, with direct investments in projects of Public-Private Partnership, and favouring access to efficient use of European funds.

The Mission of the Company is that of offering its clientele highly qualified financial advisory, able to guarantee the identification of those financing structures more suited to the development and the best negotiation of these with financial intermediaries and with the market.

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